For answers to frequently asked questions about Bearcroft Swim and Tennis Club please click on the questions in the drop-down menu below.

Where are you Located?

We are located at 280 Pike Avenue in Attleboro, MA.  Bearcroft sits on 12 acres of land sitting safely and privately off the road.

When is the Club Open?

Bearcroft is a summer seasonal club open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.  Our normal operating hours are from 10:30AM – 7:00PM.  From Memorial Day weekend until the local schools get out for summer (typically 3rd week in June) we are open weekends only.  After that, we are open 7 days a week, weather permitting.

What Amenities do you Offer?

That is an extensive list, but here goes….we have 4 swimming pools (including a 1’ deep baby pool, 3’ deep kids pool, 12’ deep dive pool with water slide and a Family size pool for everyone else),  6 tennis courts, 2 pickleball courts, tennis practice wall, basketball court, volleyball court, tennis baseball/multi-use court, horseshoe pit, cornhole, playground, charcoal grills, firepit, weekly events/activities, swim team, swim/tennis lessons, tennis tournaments, 25+ picnic tables, Snack Shack, men’s and women’s locker rooms (bathroom, changing rooms and showers), ample parking and enough memories to last an eternity.

Do I have to have a Membership to use the Facilities?

Yes.  Bearcroft is a member-owned, non-profit Social Club.  Our club is primarily designated as member use only, however exceptions can be made with approval from the Board of Directors.

Do you Offer Public Day Passes?

No.  Bearcroft is a member-owned, non-profit Social Club.  Our club is primarily designated as member use only.

How do I become a Member?

An online application is available on our Membership page.  Once approved, you will receive a welcome e-mail with instructions on how to complete your membership enrollment.

Are Guests Allowed?

Yes, we allow members to bring guests.  A guest pass is $8 per person, per day (bulk discounted pricing is available).  The same guest cannot attend the club more than 3 times per summer.

Who do I Contact if I have Questions about Membership?

Please contact us via e-mail at for any membership or club related questions.  Please note that the phone number listed on our website is the on-site Lifeguard Office and is only answered in season during normal operating hours.

Can I take a Tour of the Facilities?

Absolutely!  Please contact to coordinate a date/time that works best for you.

Is there an Application Fee?

Yes, all applications must be accompanied by a $100 non-refundable application fee.  This may be paid via check or with credit card on our Membership page.

What is a Bond?

A bond is an ownership stake in the club.  Since Bearcroft is a member-owned Social Club, this bond grants you voting privileges and a guaranteed slot year after year, until you choose to resign.  The bond cost $800 and may be paid all up front or split into two equal payments of $400, over your first two seasons.  The bond is refundable after you resign your membership.  Since we have a finite number of bonds available, they are on a “one in, one out” system.  When you resign your membership, you are put on the bond refund list.  As a new member joins and pays their bond, we refund the member at the top of the bond refund list, and everyone then moves up a spot.  Bond payouts on average are between 3-4 years after you resign, but that duration is solely dependent on new member acquisition rates.

Do you have Memberships that do not Require a Bond?

Yes, we have what are called Associate memberships.  These are a 1-year only commitment and do not come with ownership or voting privileges.  Additionally, these slots are not guaranteed for the following season.  Please see our Membership page for details on Associate memberships.

Do you allow Monthly Payments?

Yes, we allow monthly Annual Dues payments if paying by credit card only.  We typically open enrollment for the season in February and all payments must be made by May 1.  If you choose, our membership software will automatically calculate the number of months between your enrollment date and May 1 and split your Annual Dues payments equally.  Any Application Fee or Bond payments must be made prior to and excluded from monthly payment options.

Do you Prorate Dues?

We do offer a 50% off Annual Dues after the midpoint of the season (typically mid-Jul) for new members.  Current members are responsible for paying their dues in full each year to ensure we can effectively open and operate each season.

Can I Pay my Annual Dues with a Check or Credit Card?

Yes, either is acceptable.  Unfortunately, we do not accept Annual Dues payments at the club, for your security.  Our memberships are managed by a software module called eSoft Planner and credit card payments are accepted.  Please note, there is a 3.9% convenience fee added to all credit card payments.  All check payments should be mailed to Bearcroft Swim & Tennis Club, PO Box 935, Attleboro, MA 02703.

When are Bond and Annual Dues Payments Due?

All members must be paid in full by May 1.  If enrolling after May 1, membership must be paid in full within 10 days of acceptance.

Do you Allow Babysitters/Nannies?

Yes.  The Family, Plus One and Associate memberships are allowed to have up to two caregivers listed on their account.  The first is completely free and the second costs $300 for the season.  This caregiver can frequent the club as long as they are accompanied by a family member on your account.

Is there a Max Number of Memberships you can have?

Yes, we are capped at 231 memberships, per our Club Bylaws.

Do you have a waitlist?

As of right now, we currently have very limited memberships available.

Do you Offer Lessons?

Yes.  We offer a variety of swim and racquet lessons throughout the summer.  Please see our Swimming and Tennis pages for more information.

If I am not a Member, can I take Swim or Tennis Lessons?

No.  Bearcroft is a member-owned, non-profit Social Club.  Our club is primarily designated as member use only, however exceptions can be made with approval from the Board of Directors.

Do you have a Swim Team?

Yes.  We typically have a 50-member strong swim team ranging in ages of 7-15 years old.  We have a dedicated Swim Team coaching staff that provides instruction 3 times a week for practice and at regional meets as part of the Narragansett Swim League.  Please see our Swimming page for more details.

Do you Serve Food at Bearcroft?

Bearcroft allows our members to bring in and food/drink of their choosing to be consumed on site.  We have 4 charcoal grills available for member use or local takeout/delivery options are available.  We also have a Snack Shack that sells prepackaged snacks (chips, candy, drinks, etc.).  We do not have a full-service grill on site.

Do you provide Pool Chairs?

Yes.  No need to bring your own, but you are more than welcome to.  Around our 4 pools, we have 50 sling chaise loungers and 60 sling standard chairs.

Do you do Birthday Parties?

Yes.  Members can host birthday parties or events at the club. The club provides the facilities, amenities and some reserved picnic tables, the rest is up to the member and their imagination!  Please see our Rules & Regulations for more details.

Are your Lifeguards Certified?

Absolutely, yes!  Lifeguards are required to be currently certified from a Massachusetts Department of Health approved certification provider.  They are trained in Aquatics Safety, CPR/AED and First Aid.

What are your Club Rules and Bylaws?

Please see our Rules & Regulations and Club Bylaws located on our Membership page.

How is the Club Managed?

Bearcroft is a private, member-owned, non-profit 501(c)(7) Social Club.  The Board of Directors is comprised of 11 bonded members, charged with managing the business of the Club.  In addition, we have a Club Manager responsible for day-to-day oversight of the facilities, pools, employees, and programming.  Our staff of Club Attendants and Lifeguards report into the Club Manager and ensure the club is properly maintained, clean, safe and welcoming to all members and guests.

Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, we proudly offer a standing 10% off Annual Dues for all grade Teachers and First Responders (actively serving Police, Fire, EMT and active/retired Military). Proof of employment/eligibility is required. Please use FIRST10 as the promo code.
Additionally, we periodically run membership promotions throughout the year. Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for further information.

For all other questions, please email the Club at